Healthspan 2020 is the first ever biotechnology conference at Lawrence University. This biotech conference is focused on highlighting the current impacts and future directions of rejuvenation biotechnologies (regenerative medicine), as well as the incredibly vibrant biohealth industry of Wisconsin. 

In recent decades, across the world average human lifespan has increased while average healthspan has remained virtually the same. As a result, people are living longer, however, they’re living sicker for longer. This is an incredibly problematic issue through the lens of ethical, medical, and economic considerations. Compounding this dilemma is the heavy presence of ageism throughout medical communities and a lack of sufficient elder advocacy in the general public.

Fortunately, revolutionary advances in regenerative medicine and rejuvenation biotechnologies are showing great promise in addressing the diseases of ageing and extending healthspan. Furthermore, Wisconsin is playing a crucial role in supporting the development of these innovative therapeutics.